Montauk's Innu JH

When we first saw Innu, it was like love at first sight! She was shy,playful and her breed color was different than any Chesapeake we had ever seen. We had to have her.

She is a very good dog. She loves competing in trials and have a great stamina and ability. Her willingness to work, her alertness is very similar to the other two dogs.

At home, she is very protective, excellent with children and when she goes out, she’s very good in her training sessions and in the water.


She is very good at hunting tests. Junior Hunter is already at the age of 1 year and a half and continued training to Senior Hunter this year.

She loves training and very agile and curious. She loves to please so it puts all efforts to succeed!

She had beautiful hunting success this year ...

Name Montauk's Innu JH
Gender Female
Color Brown
#CKC BC547370
Father CH Conroy's Lightning Bolt WCI JH CDX
Mother Montauk's Speed of sound JH WC
Birth date 2014 Febuary 5
Weight 55-60lbs