Skeetercreek Niska Nipi JH

Nippi is the last one who has joined our family, She is a dark chocolat breed with a tiny white spot on her chest. She is energetic, also very affectionate et she stands up to the other two when she has to. She knows how to take her place. She learns fast, very fast.

In training, we already see her Chesapeake qualities! She loves water! She’s very good when she retrieves waterfowl and loves to please her master. Her willingness to work, her alertness is out of this world.


She is energetic, affectionate and also she can make his place. In training, it seeks only to please. We can already see that it has the qualities of a true Chesapeake!

She love water!

It pays well and loves to please his master.

She soon learns by observing as Yuma Innu entrainment!

Name Skeetercreek Niska Nipi JH
Gender Female
Color Dark brown
#CKC BS580554
Father CH Conroy's Woodsman WCI CDX JH
Mother Skeetercreeks Khemo SH WC
Birth date 2014 september 30
Weight 55lbs