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Our History

25 years ago, I used to hike in the adirondacs. I often met the forests rangers and they were accompanied by a type of dog the Chesapeake Bay Retriever for the search and rescue and to counter predators. I fell in love with the breed and I told myself that one day I would have this type of dog.

Almost 10 years later, after my studies and once establishes, I got my first Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I took my first chessie out of a small breeder in lac etchemin. It was the mix of a US dog and a male in Canada. There was a cancellation and I was the last of the litter. I told myself that one day it would be my best buddy for all my activities and that was the case.

I had the chance to meet extraordinary people and hunting dog clubs dogs who helped me along the way to understand behavior and train my dogs for hunting and competitions. By participating in competitions, I had the chance to meet extraordinary breeders, Gary Ridout, Henry Goeree and Mario Beauregard.

What I like above all the cheseapeake and I try to keep in litters

  • He is faithful to his master
  • It has its own character
  • He loves to guard his family and his property
  • He has family in the heart of its priorities and does everything by instinct protects children
  • He has energy to spare
  • It is capable of taking the pressure
  • He loves hunting like me

Yuma's Den produces a limited amount of quality puppies. We strive for quality and genetics in our reproduction. In addition, all our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and are tested for heritable diseases EIC, DM, PRA, hip dysplasia and elbow.

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